Working with Eliezer and TAT has turned me from a depressed,drunk,suicidal person into the functioning woman that I thought had died within me.

Words alone cannot describe how painlessly my life turned completely around.

By removing the traumas that I had suppressed for so many years I was able to regain my strength, self respect and faith in myself.

The speed and ease with which I have been able to cope with my family, whose efforts to help me were so destructive to my inner being and had been such a contributing factor to the state that I found myself in is amazing.

Although I am nearly healed I will continue my sessions as this has taught me so much about myself that I want to know more as the peace and strength that this knowledge brings is so rewarding.

From depression back to full life

A few months ago, I began treatment with Eliezer Spetter who uses the TAT technique. The reason I turned to him was because I had felt “stuck” during the last few years without the ability to advance. I didn’t have either the strength or the motivation, I lacked initiative and imagination; I was treading in the same place. Although I did all sorts of things, I was unable to pull myself up. This caused friction at home with my wife who saw me as idle, stuck.

Ever since I began to go to Eliezer Spetter, things began to move forward, a few steps at a time. I began to be brave, initiative, began to look for work, to sign up for studies. I took on myself a project that demanded responsibility, initiative and creativity. Thank G-d, I’m succeeding well. Suddenly I found myself very busy with no time to spare.

I advanced in other fields as well. In one of my tasks, I must give lessons. Standing in front of an audience was quite hard for me; I was pressured by the thought of how people would look at me and judge me. Thank G-d, today I feel freer and more confident to speak in front of an audience without losing my self-identity.

The advantage that I found in this technique is that you don’t have to expose yourself too much; you don’t have to confront your lackings head-on, but rather you leave them behind you in simple, immediate way , a way that is astounding in its simpleness.

I had a number of treatments; I can explicitly say that I saw a significant change in a short period of time that I never saw in any other technique.