Addiction to sex alcohol and drugs

I would drink a bottle of wine or half a bottle of whiskey every day

 Dear Eliezer, and to everyone who reads these lines!

 I had two serious problems when I came to Eliezer’s treatment – drinking alcohol and sleeping.

 It took not too long (less than 15 treatments) to solve my alcohol problem (I would drink a bottle of wine or half a bottle of whiskey every day). I stopped drinking completely and don’t want to drink any more. I can be with people who are drinking and I have absolutely no urge to drink!

 The truth is that I never dreamed that I could solve the second problem, since for over twenty years I had been in the habit of going to sleep after midnight, –even if I had to get up at 5.00 a.m. the next morning.

 We solved the second problem as well. After not too many treatments I go to sleep every night at day to sleep at 10.00. I don’t remember doing this since I was in school.

 Thank G-d, you helped me a lot, and I thank you with all my heart!

A. 42 years old, Jerusalem



I was Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

For four years, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I also damaged myself by taking an overdose of drugs.

I came to drugs and alcohol because I wanted to forget the problems at home where I received a lot of punishments through beating because of my parents’ anger. This, of course, also caused me to be angry with them.

I came to Eliezer Spetter and found the kind of help that I could never have imagined existed before. Previously, I fell off the wagon each time I managed to leave the drugs.

During the treatment that I receive with TAT, Eliezer kept on looking and digging to get to the root of my addiction. We worked for several months until we were sure that nothing was left. He checked me over and over and over again.

Now I am learning and working hard, back in normal life. I feel great and strong and I feel no attraction to drugs or alcohol. I feel clean.

Thanks Eliezer.


I needed not only my wife..


Eliezer, my dear brother,

I’m so glad I met you!

You are amazing and you have made me a healthier person.

So that others can understand how you have helped me become this healthier person and what this means, I will talk about myself and my sickness. I am ultra-orthodox and have led an ultra-orthodox lifestyle all my life. I have been married to the most amazing woman in the world for six and a half years. I’m the father of three sweet girls. I have a bachelor’s degree, am an army graduate, and have a nice job in a nice workplace.

About three months after the wedding, I began to think of other women besides my wife. I did not attribute any significance to this because we all have hormones, so it seemed normal to me. In short, I began to fantasize, listened to things and simply indulged myself in talking to others, men and women alike.

At some point, every time I had sexual relations with my wife I needed to fantasize about more …

I shared it with her and she hurt quite a bit throughout this period.

I got to the point where I needed not only my wife, but other women, men, transgenders and everything else you can or cannot imagine. I was in this state even though I truly loved her. Since I really love and respect her, I felt that had to share it with her  – so she was forever getting hurt.

I owe her a lot for staying with me! I have no idea what caused this condition and why, but I was in a bad state. Because of the fear of consulting someone and taking care of things, I told myself deep inside (and my wife) that I was okay, that everything was good and that it was normal. Yet in reality I was burning up inside. I imagined myself burning away my whole life because of my lust. Every time I saw porn, corresponded with someone – male or female – ate out at a bar, I physically felt the hurt in my relationship with myself, my wife, and my children.

I’m not sure what made me agree to meet Eliezer, and why I did, in fact, agree to meet him, but I am convinced that my life changed from the moment I met him.

Yes, I cried during the first two or three sessions. Yes, I thought about things I preferred not to think of. Yes, today I am still the same person just a little better. Yes, I have sexual relations my wife and they are much better.

My healing took just about eight sessions. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best investment I’ve ever made.

I hope that what I have written will help someone else somewhere in the world. If it would help, I would be more than happy to speak to that person directly.


I suffered from negative forbidden thoughts

Dear Chava,

The truth is that words cannot express mental salvation.

I suffered strange and forbidden negative thoughts for many, many years and which became more frequent as time went on. It was hard to believe that I could be saved from them, and I was scared that, G-d forbid, they would get even worse.

With the help of the merciful G-d and through the journey that I experienced with you and TAT, I slowly found that of most of my troubles stemmed from lack of belief in G-d and His unconditional love for me. I lacked the trust that He bestows only good, and needed to realize that He gives unconditionally, that I need to accept myself without judging each and every thing that I do and not feel guilty for everything step that I make.

Reinforcement through TAT helped me integrate the positive thoughts in my subconscious so that the small rays of light were able to extinguish the darkness within. Consequently, I was able to see myself and my surroundings in a more loving and less judgmental manner, which also helped relaxed me and enabled me to allow His everlasting love fill me…

Thank you so much Hashem, and thank you Chava