Family disputes

Family disputes

I Couldn’t be Truly Happy:

I had no contact with my mother
and I was scared of my father

Dear Eliezer,

I came to you because I wanted to help myself. My life wasn’t flowing. Every so often, something would make me cry. I couldn’t be truly happy. I am surrounded by people who love me, yet I felt alone. I had no contact with my mother, and I remember telling you that I don’t need any contact with her, that I don’t want it and that there is no way that I can have contact with her. I was scared of my father, and I suffered from a medical problem that I could not come to terms with. I was dependent on others, and was never completely sure of myself. All these took from my joie de vivre and often caused me frustration.

And then G-d allowed me to me you and TAT. When I first came to you, I said that I didn’t know what was wrong, why my life wasn’t flowing and why I wasn’t happy, and together with your help, I managed to do away with the sadness and found happiness.

Today, I am in contact with both my mother and my father – something I could never have imagined, and I am sure that I have a loving family, I love them and I am happy with them. I am happy with who I am, I have self-confidence, and I have reached a stage of happiness and tranquility.

During our meetings, I had to pinch myself to make sure I was living in reality, that it was really me who felt so good. During the whole time, I could not stop being amazed. I am absolutely enchanted by TAT; it is a technique in which one does not need to return to old, painful stories, and, most importantly, one can see results very quickly.

My life has changed. I am happy that G-d enabled me to meet you and find out about your technique. You are an emissary with the objective of saving Jewish souls.

I wish you all success and that G-d be with you always.

Thank you so much.

I am truly grateful.


My life passed mostly according to my mother’s opinions

I came to the first meeting dependent on others. I had not been able to live my life as myself, or to assert my rights and desires. My life passed mostly according to my mother’s opinions, to what she said and did during my childhood, my youth and even after my marriage.

It turns out I had developed some kind of belief in the mother figure and had not allowed myself my own space.

Thanks to the meetings and the treatment with TAT, I was completely released from this dependency on my mother. I learned to appreciate her and love her even more, but as a separate identity, and the amount of her influence upon me and my life is now totally dependent upon my decision.

My communication with my husband has greatly improved, as have my self-confidence and ability to be natural and flow with everyone around me.

With special thanks.


Family Friction, Anger, Closure

As I underwent treatments with Eliezer, as we worked over the course of many sessions we managed to decrease traumas, which greatly improved my relationships with people, with my children. We were able to take down the virtual wall that was built up over years, and today I am a much more open person, a much happier person, and one that isn’t dependent upon financial, physical or environmental conditions. I am much happier within, and I am prepared to accept any situation regardless of anything, of criticism, I can live with criticism, any conditions. This is all due to the work I did with Eliezer, which was mostly using the TAT method. I can say that I succeeded in cleaning out all my childhood traumas. I strongly recommend this treatment method. Using this method I also was able to neutralize all my angers; today I feel, thank G-d, that I’m not angry with anyone. I’m able not to get angry and it doesn’t matter under what conditions. 

Pain and Family Issues

I came some time ago not knowing logically what this method was, and realizing that the usual technical techniques were not going to be enough, for I had tried many before for many years, and still there were many relationships issues as well as psychical elements. I was willing to try something that was really unknown to me and the process and benefits were unknown to me. So I was open, which does help and still wanted to know logically what this process was all about, so some time was spent on my trying to grasp what the technique was.The best part is doing the TAT and I’ve started the EFT on the body symptoms, and seeing that I had a break for the first time in probably twenty years, and that it not only was something temporary, which often happens with new techniques, but that there seems to be deepening of the process, so that it held even when the same triggers occurred again or there were similar stressful events, that normally would precipitate a systemic reaction. Once the body symptoms started to drop off, I could start to address circumstances, the history in the background, to what seemed to be big triggers from way back and current ones; sometimes we went from the past and sometimes it was from the present, sometimes it was mixed and I made a commitment to myself that this would be part of my weekly regiment stay with, until I started to feel accumulating patience, and excessive peace. Just getting a taste of the peace even if it’s for a few minutes is encouraging and encouraged me to stay with it when there were times that I wanted to end the process or couldn’t understand how it could benefit the relationship issues. Then I saw the miracles that so many issues changed without my having to tell the other person to get help. I even know what I did differently in terms of the interaction with family members that brought a different response on their part, and I couldn’t really put on paper what actually occured, I just saw and experienced changes that I never thought happenand the process is continuing and it’s deepening and I feel like a new integrity and a new dignity is within reach- not just for a few minutes, a week, or a few minutes a day. it could actually be that I could live life, a quality life, if there is a god, spirit, something that is pushing us to connect with him, and to live in this world, in a positive and happy way, and he’s channeled it somehow, through certain people, and it’s spreading and it’s radiating throughout the world, and touching people of all backgrounds, of all countries and languages, economic and socio-economic backgrounds. One doesn’t know who is working on themselves in such a way, so step by step.I feel like I’m taking my place again in the world in a new way , and I have a new optimism about the life that I can actually have and the service that I can provide the world, so I can only suggest to people to go beyond your mind and be open enough to let the heart once again start beating, to learn how to live by your heart and by your truth, to connect that very long distance between the mind and the heart, so that we’re fully aligned and flowing in this beautiful world. -You came to me you full of pains, and remember we worked on a lot of bodily pains and issues like family issues, the relationship with your husband was terrible and relationship with your children was not o.k. So we worked on all these things- relations with your parents who were not in this country, but another country, and you suffered from that, and it was expressed in the pains that you felt in your body, and couldn’t get hold of it. Till it broke through, and now there remains ljust a small percentage of the pain. So you can find yourself without pains for the rest of your life and what you say your deepened your relations with Shalom Bait and everything surrounding you in your house and your family relationships.


“Through NLP and EFT, I improved the quality of my relationship with my wife”.

I couldn’t stand my mother

A grandmother, and I was still suffering from the stress of my mother’s influence upon me. She ruled my life and needed to know every single detail.

One day I broke down. I couldn’t handle it any more. Even though I love my mother, I couldn’t stand her. I only wanted to run away,

Then I heard about TAT. I came to Hava. In a very short time, I felt relief. Now I can face my mother and can even hug her with warmth and not because I have to.

I was scared of the reactions of those around me – most especially those of my mother.

Dear Eliezer,

I first came to you for treatment six years ago on the recommendation of the lawyer who was working with me. I was divorced from a violent husband. I was scared of him; I was scared of the reactions of those around me – most especially those of my mother.

I did not believe in my capabilities – I was scared to cook, to bake, to make any kind of changes in my life. I had no motivation whatsoever.

During the first treatment, we worked on my fear of my ex-husband, and we continued in this vein. Later, the matter of my family arose since there were many problems there as well, problems that prevented me from connecting to my real self.

Six months later, I suddenly called the social worker who had accompanied me since the divorce. She was responsible for arranging meetings between my daughter and my daughter’s father). I told her that I was willing to speak with my ex-husband. She was in shock. Previously, if I had seen him I would freeze; I was incapable of looking at him, and suddenly I was willing to speak to him…

My relationship with my mother had not been a healthy one, and now, thank G-d, things are completely different.

Once I had released everything, Eliezer suggested that I learn the technique.

I attended the first two workshops, after which my life changed in a number of ways. Then came third workshop – Being Present.

I completed the workshop about a year ago. Since then, I have opened up a lot and made many changes in my life. I feel as though I am a different person…

• I am suddenly motivated to cook and bake – and everything is tasty.

• I am a fat person! A few months ago, I underwent bariatric surgery to reduce the size of my stomach. Since then I have lost 32 kilos – and I am still losing weight. With each kilo lost, I feel so much better, and my self-confidence is continues to improve.

• I have begun to work out at the gym. Previously I hardly moved my body…

• I have started driving lessons.

• I will soon begin to study animal-assisted therapy.

I now have the motivation for change, to concentrate on my life and progress.

I now love myself, am in touch with who I am, with my intuitions and needs, without thinking “What will my mother say?” or “What will people say?”

I now recognize my own needs and those of my daughter and give them priority.

A few months ago, I had a few meetings with Chava where we dealt with anger. I was a very nervous person, and almost everything made me react by screaming and shouting. Thank G-d, that is almost completely behind me.

Dear Chava and Eliezer,

You have helped save so many Jewish souls, and I am just one of those…

I don’t even want to imagine where I would be if I had not met you.

You are two angels disguised as human beings.

Eliezer, I really connected with you and the technique. You are a special person with a sensitive and gentle soul; you drew me out of the pit where I had so experienced so much badness, darkness, sadness, fear… to a full and happy life, a life of belief, light and love …

Thank you G-d who directed me to you…

Thank you both, that in your merit I am who I am today.

With much love and esteem,