Dear R’ Eliezer,

I will try to express in a few words my feelings after experiencing treatment with TAT.

Before I came to you, I felt very bad about myself due to traumas that began during my childhood and that continued through my adulthood. The traumas really started to bother me and made me anxious and depressed.

The traumas were rooted in my height – or lack thereof. When I was a child, my brothers did not want to walk with me on the street, they were ashamed to be seen with me and refused to go anywhere with me. When I got married, people laughed and asked, “Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah?” These things accompanied me throughout my life and I could not get rid of the negative feelings that were a constant part of every day.

As an older man, with a beard, whenever I met new people I was afraid, and I did not know how they regarded at me, how they judged me. All the negative thoughts stayed with me.

Today, after a few individual treatments with you, I feel a different person, do not feel the social pressure as I did before, I don’t judge myself, have much more power to think positively about everything and the traumas from my past are no longer part of my day.

I recommend that anyone who has experienced traumas, anyone who wants to improve his life, come to R’ Eliezer for treatment, and to literally.start life anew.

Thank you for the tranquility and the beautiful life that I have, thanks to you.



I was immersed in a sea of self-pity and fear

Dear Eliezer and anyone who reads this letter,

I wanted to say that TAT works. What it did for me is just a wonder. I believed that the various problems that I had could be solved. A person who is drowning in the sea will be happy for a lifeline being thrown to him, and Eliezer was that lifeline for me. I was immersed in a sea of self-pity and fear, and today, thanks to the treatment, my problems were solved.

As we worked on one problem, another problem resolved itself and the next was solved in turn; thus tower after tower came toppling down. Subsequently, I learned to look at life in a more relaxed way and suddenly everything was resolved.

Eliezer, thank you so very much.



fear of death and blood tests


To the Dear Good Rav Eliezer Spetter,

I would like to thank you for the amazing treatment that released the anxieties and fears from which I had suffered for so long. For years I suffered, fearing death, a fear that prevented me from performing mitzvot and an anxiety which all but paralyzed me. My hands shook, my heart pounded… Maybe it will happen now…

I was a teacher in a yeshiva. Sometimes the attacks appeared during class and the internal battle was harsh – to understand and notice each and every question and to answer correctly while I was petrified inside. My heart and chest ached. Maybe it will be now… maybe I should stop the class?

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when we decided to undergo medical examinations. I told the doctor about my fear of blood tests and that I had fainted in the past. After I told him that I had almost fainted when I took one of my children for a blood test he came to our house just to do the test for me. After the blood test I told him that I felt faint. I collapsed on the bed, went into convulsions and lost consciousness. Thank G-d, the doctor managed to revive me.

I was so scared that I had not had a dental examination for forty years. Who knows? I could bleed. After the previous episode, I needed root canal work. I approached the same doctor and he tried to avoid me. Finally he said that I needed medication that would help my anxieties, and then added that that he thought that maybe I suffered from epilepsy and that I had kept it secret from my wife for the past twenty years…

The situation was both serious and unpleasant. In addition to all this, I needed the emergency dental treatment. I approached Rav Gross שליט”א, who referred me to Rav Eliezer Spetter.

During the first meeting, Rav Eliezer asked me to go back to the story of my fainting. I refused out of fear of fainting again. Eliezer cleverly and calmly guided me back through the experience. Towards the end of my second meeting with Rav Eliezer he reached into a drawer and took out two syringes. I jumped. What is this? What are you doing? (Previously, the sight of a syringe would make me panic. The doctor who had done the blood tests at my home had left one and I threw it away.)

Suddenly, I realized that I could roll up my sleeve and take my own blood! Since then, thank G-d, the situation has much improved. In addition to the exercises that Rav Eliezer gave me, I feel much more calm and relaxed. If, in the past, it was hard for me to see terrorist attacks in the newspaper (for example the bloodstained books after the slaughter in Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav). I can now look and not feel faint.

Today I help others to release their emotions at Rav Eliezer’s clinic. Thank G-d, I can give my classes calmly, and I have even been to the dentist a few times. None of this is exaggeration.

I can only thank Rav Eliezer Spetter from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful and am forever in his debt. May he and his household know only goodness and mercy for the rest of their lives.

Fear of Dogs

“I was afraid of dogs; also, I was afraid of the whole situation here in Israel . Now, after treatments, nothing bothers me, everything is fine”.

Self-confidence, Fears, Illness

-Why did you come to me?
“I came because of a lack of self-confidence that results from all kinds of internal fears.

-Illnesses, serious illnesses?

-How are you feeling now?
“After treatment? Thank G-d, I feel better. More relaxed from day to day, not thinking about those things”.

-Do you believe that in your current condition you are able to find a marriage partner?
“G-d willing. I feel much more confident, for sure”.

-Are you feeling stronger?
“I view myself differently, I see myself in a different light. I can do more than I could previously”.

“Faith, you have to share faith, everyone should share, that’s fine.


“In the past, I was unable to enjoy trips or to view splendid landscapes, because I suffered from fear of heights. Since NLP I enjoy every trip without fear”.


Dealing with TAT with seeing a dead person Lying in my garden

Chavah’s treatment was amazing.

In the middle of my life I had a terrible experience.  Someone fell or committed suicide in my garden. I was hanging the laundry and turned around for a moment.  When I turned back a few moments later there was a body in front of me!

My life simply stopped. I became depressed, scared, and unable to get out of bed even — to go the bathroom without my husband helping me.

Today, thank G-d and thanks to his dear emissary, Chavah, I am once again healthy and was even able to deal with other issues that came up during the specific treatment which I underwent.

I highly recommend these dear, good people to anyone who needs treatment.  Don’t hesitate and come to them.

I Thank G-d that I had the privilege to be treated by these amazing people.

With best wishes for glad tidings for all.

Extreme fears of death

I started seeing Chavah due to extreme fears that were expressed when I was driving, if I was in a high place or when I  heard the word “suicide”, when I was alone at home or when I had to console the bereaved. Many things that I cannot explain such having to walk alone in the street or having to buy something. My life wasn’t a life.

I thank G-d for sending me Rabbanit Hadassah from Kiryat Sefer who had participated in a TAT seminar and strongly recommended that I do so as well.

A year has past since my fears disappeared. I am healthy and feel wonderful. I do not stop thanking Hashem for the wonderful emissary in the form of Chavah Spetter. She does  the most wonderful things and was able to cure me. There are no words to thank her enough, and just as important, I have acquired tools that will accompany me all of my life.

In my humble opinion they are good angels.


Fear of  entering in dark caves

I was a boy, fifteen years of age, and was exploring the neighborhoods and nature. I loved to go to the mountains. I was a curious boy so I went into caves. I wanted to explore more so I went deeper into one of the caves. It was very dark. I had a flashlight with me. I fell three meters into a hole and was stuck. I dropped my flashlight. It was completely dark and no one knew I was there. I thought that my end had come and I would die in the cave.

I started to daven to Hashem. Nothing happened and I started to make a deal with him. I told Hashem that if he gets me out I promise that I will better my life. Before I knew it, I was out. I don’t remember how.

I am now 40 years old and work as a tour guide. My work includes going into caves yet the trauma stayed with me. Caves scare me to death.

I recently led a trip and told the people with me of my fear. It turns out that they were TAT professionals – Eliezer and Hava Spetter.

Eliezer and Hava made me sit down and do TAT. Within fifteen minutes, I felt that the fear had left me.

Yet I was still a little skeptical. I had to check it out to make sure that it was true. A month later I was with another group and had to go into a cave. We went in. I was surprised. I was waiting for something to happen but nothing did. It was like walking into a room. No fear, no panic. Nothing.

After 25 years of suffering I felt normal.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With all my love, I