From Despair to Total Rescue

From Despair to Total Rescue

My marriage was over and I thought that I would grow old alone – I was simply desperate, in despair.


I first came to you after a major crisis in my life accompanied by the feeling that al is lost and that I will never fulfill my goals or aims; that I would never feel whole again. My marriage was over and I thought that I would grow old alone – I was simply desperate, in despair.

When I first started treatment I was skeptical; I was apathetic. I asked myself what would help in my situation. I had tried a psychologist and the change I felt was very minor and meaningless.

After about twelve TAT treatments, during which I felt emotional ups and downs, I suddenly felt that the whole world was viewing differently; that people are becoming drawn to me, even obsessively. This was something that I had never experienced before.

My self-confidence soared, as did my self-esteem and self-recognition. I felt as though I was the exact opposite of how I had previously considered myself.

I received the gift of life. It was though I had been born again. There are no words for my gratitude to you, Eliezer.



The light in the eyes was extinguished-no one wanted to look at those eyes anymore


My name is Noam. Noam the child, sensitive, open to the sounds of the world, to the wind, the leaves. In my mind’s view I see myself, a little Indian: small, pretty, barefoot, gathering the never ending beauty of nature and life, collecting the most beautiful things that they had to offer… and the worst: the pain and the deepest pitfalls, sadness, tears, fear, anger, so much injury and damage, and I absorbed it all. I was an extinguished candle, shrunken inside, my world becoming darker and darker every day. The light in my brown eyes died, the spark of innocence, the ability to hug, to trust. What was left in my eyes was emptiness, self-hate, sadness and a need to destroy. No one wanted to look into these eyes. I, too, hated their look, and when I closed them, all I could see was destruction, pain and more pain, blow after blow.

And my body kept it all inside. I felt it all at every single moment, as though it was happening right now. I couldn’t live in this body. I couldn’t breathe properly for years. When I tried to inhale, it was as though a lump blocked my throat and my heart was bleeding. I found ways to forget: cut my body, tried to die, drugs, drowned the lump in alcohol – but it only grew larger and larger, cultivating more and more hate, guilt, disgust and self-flagellation.

I first came to Eliezer at a very critical time – I had lost control, was depressed, wanting to end my life; living in fear; irrational – wave after wave, trembling body, fresh cuts and scratches, sadness and off-balance.

From the first meeting I saw wonderful changes: I felt feelings that I had forgotten existed. Together we peeled layer after layer, and I was able to feel, to touch and experience my true essence: the good within. My whole existence was returned to me. I was able to love my self, to appreciate myself, to believe in G-d, to appreciate the goodness of my family, of all that exists, to be a friend, to be calm – here and now. I learned to love the world every day anew and to become a proud, upright person living in her own right. I became a little girl again – laughing at every little thing, living every single moment, innocent and learning to fill my world with good things, to choose the right path for myself.

I am whole. I could not ask for anything more. I dream and believe; I believe that everything is possible, and am so full of thanks and appreciation to the most pure person that I have ever met — the person who did not give up on me and filled me with light; the person who always saw all the good in me.

Thank you, Hashem for sending him [Eliezer] to me and for returning Noam, to find her again. You have both returned my neshama, my spirit, and my heart has learned to love and embrace itself.

It is wonderful to wake in the morning with a smile, awaiting a new day on earth, endlessly loving, breathing and living.


I didn’t want to live, the world is a bad place and nothing can change to the good.

When I first came to Chava, I was in a bad way. I didn’t want to live. As far I was concerned, the world was a bad place. I was alone although I was surrounded by family and a supportive circle of friends. I felt abnormal, that the whole world was different from me and that no one understood me. I was carrying a heavy load of traumas from my childhood starting from when one of my parents passed away.

When I came to Chava, I did not believe that anything could change but already after the first treatment, I felt a considerable change. After two and a half months, I am a new person. I have finished my degree, and I love life. All the bad feelings that I had experienced over the years disappeared completely, and all within two and a half months that changed my life.

I received my life anew. Life is wonderful, happy and better than I could have dreamed.

I recommend that everyone try this technique.

It simply does wonders.


Rav Eliezer

Shalom and Blessings,

I would like to express in a few words the immense benefit I received from the visits to you, and hope that these will serve at least as a symbol of my gratitude.

I am a Yeshiva student in my thirties. When I was young, I experienced severe emotional upheavals, including serious spells of anxiety, terror, tension and more. These attacks obviously made my life unbearable.  In my heart I felt that I would not be able to continue this way, meaning that I just did not have the strength to continue and in spite of various endeavors, I was unable to find the answer to my problems.

Just like any other believing Jew in plight, I had to whom to turn, and I, too, constantly called upon our Creator to save me.  Even though all seemed lost, I had a feeling and the hope that the Creator of the World, the Omnipotent, would save me too.

Thank G-d I was saved.

It already started during my first meeting with you, Rav Eliezer. Your cheerfulness and warm heart, together with the treatments, turned my hopes into reality. Today, after five releasing and invigorating treatments, I feel that words cannot describe the wonderful gift of life that I have received from the Creator of the Universe. This salvation can have come only from our Blessed Lord, and you, Rav Eliezer, are his good, faithful emissary.

Thank you, Rav Eliezer, for giving me the ability to sense the great thanks that I have, “Thank you Hashem, our G-d … for the compassionate and kindly life with which you have favored us.”

With great respect,

Chayim Y

Winter 2009

From Despair to total Rescue
building a new, strong, personality and finding my true mate with TAT

Continuing my story and the amazing change in me since I met Eliezer, I would like to tell how the tools and the methods that I acquired from him help me daily.

During the initial period with Eliezer, he worked mainly with the release and cleansing of traumas that had been present since an early age and which I had carried with me throughout my adolescence and during my military service. Later on, during the past years, we concentrated on building a new, strong, personality who is able to confront with difficulties. Eliezer’s unique method has proved itself over time, especially when dealing with traumas and difficulties which have accumulated over the years.

This gradual process was especially important in order to successfully create stability for the rest of my life. Those changes I can see today, in all of those areas where I had difficulties – in forming new contacts, getting jobs, dealing with day to day matters and in my relationships with others.

The main issue with which I have dealt with lately and, Thank G-d, have succeeded, was in finding a partner for life and building a home with her. The journey was not easy due to the long and winding road that I had trodden, and I had no idea what kind of woman would be suitable. I was very mixed up due to a former relationship and had had a hard time letting go. Sometimes I felt that I rejection from women who were not interested in me. Later I would go on dates and not be able to concentrate on one particular person. Eliezer helped me get over the girl to whom I was still emotionally connected and to concentrate on the new relationship.

Thank G-d, I was able to overcome difficulties and problems that arose at the beginning of the relationship, and today I am happily married to a wonderful woman.

If I were to summarize the many years in which I have known Eliezer, I can say that I have become a different person, and my recent marriage has brought me to a new goal in life in building a warm home through mental stability and self fulfillment. The tools which I acquired through my meetings with Eliezer will be utilized in any difficulty or problem that may arise along the way, a route which is now clear, paved, and full of joy.

Stuck relationships in self and her family

To Dear Eliezer and Chava Spetter,

It is true that some years have already passed,

Yet your true chessed that continues to affect us all

And all of those around us.

When I first found you

I was scared, helpless and weak.

I felt that my home and my life were falling apart.

Terror filled my heart

And everything that I was scared of almost came true

And suddenly, as though out of the blue

I approached you, bewildered and unbelieving

Naïve, I looked at you and asked,

“Just to mumble few sentences and all the problems are past?”

And you, with everlasting understanding –

With belief in my ability to fly,

You held me close and encouraged me

That everything is possible.

From you I learned the fundamentals of life.

With your help, I acquired.

Awareness and understanding.

Through TAT you helped and healed.

Words can never tell

Only HaShem  can give you your true reward.

I can only express the thanks of a mortal

And bless you with blessings from both the heavens above

And from our world below.

May this coming year be a year of geulah and loving-kindness.

And I thank haShem.

I felt stuck. I felt and understood that I was functioning on an empty tank.

I found Eliezer Spetter through a relative who was familiar with the technique. The 
reason I sought help was because I felt stuck. I felt and understood that I was functioning 
on an empty tank. I knew that within I had wonderful capabilities that simply were not 
being expressed. I realized that something was hindering me and did not know where to 
start and how to continue and overcome the obstacles and traumas that affected me such 
as family background, my parents’ relationship, and their relationships with their 
children. I will only say that my parents never gave me any words of encouragement and 
affection; never offered warmth and love through touch, and my father never knew which 
grade I was in. The emotional difficulty was so deep that I could not look my father in the 
eye – despite the fact that on the surface, our relationship looked fine. I did not feel any 
connection either of my parents, and no love towards them, and these led to repercussions 
in my studies, in society, in setting up my own home and my relationship with my wife. 
As I have said, on a personal level I was stuck and could not progress any further.
With G-d’s help, I found Eliezer Spetter, and every meeting with him and TAT was a 
deep cleansing of my subconscious, a powerful experience that peeled away decades of 
grief, pain, anger, bitterness, and all that went with them. I found myself again!
Within a period of a few months, my parent attitude towards me changed. My mother 
approached me on her own initiative, and invested thousands of shekels in me, in areas 
that were important to my development, and told me several times how important it is to 
her that I learn and succeed.
In my own home I underwent a change and things really improved, especially in my 
personal life. During the year of treatment, I received a wonderful job; I became involved 
in other areas that I had studied, and these gave me knowledge, powers, abilities and 
insight. There is no doubt that any improvement, change, flow, success, uplift, 
empowerment I experienced, and will hopefully will continue to feel, started in Eliezer 
Spetter’s small office through TAT. TAT cleansed and washed and purified my body and 
soul, my memories, and all those places where things were stuck. I don’t belong there any 
longer and they don’t resonate in me any more. I leave here facing a new future, knowing 
that I will succeed in every aspect – personal, emotional, in my studies, education and so  on.
I can only bless Rav Spetter that he continue to succeed in all that he does in helping 
people to reach their full potential through his wonderful healing, and that he should 
enjoy health, satisfaction, a steady livelihood of abundance, blessings, and joy, 
transcendence and growth, in happiness, satisfaction and joy, and that he will merit 
greeting Moshiach with a complete whole body and soul.
With blessings and thanks from the bottom of my heart.