Heavy Mental Disorders

Heavy Mental Disorders

From Difficult Psychiatric condition to Sanity

First of all I would like to address those of you who have had the bitter experience of the lack of ability on the part of conventional medicine, and especially psychology and psychiatry, to answer patients’ needs; meaning to help improve their conditions even the slightest relief  (I am not talking about the large amounts of anti-psychotic medications, for example Zyprexa which in many instances definitely release the patient from his psychosis, but treats only the symptoms and not the illness itself).

You should not forget that every medication has its side effects (usually more than one). It would be funny if it were not so sad that one of the side effects of quite a few of the medications for depression is the contemplation of suicide…

Therefore, in psychiatry, the patient is his own guinea pig since the effect of the medication differs among individuals.

Regarding psychology: in order to reach any kind of progress, one has to undergo years upon years of visits, a few times a week and to waste a ton of time and bags of money – and in addition to your previous troubles, you become dependent upon your therapist.

Medicine has nothing to offer most of our present-day afflictions, may they be eating disorders or personal problems.

I would like to relate my story: I am one of those in whose medical chart it is written, “Well known in the psychiatric ward”. I began my acquaintanceship with the psychiatric ward at the age of fifteen. That was over twenty years ago. My history has recorded approximately fourteen (full) hospitalizations, the longest being for nine months…suicide attempts, innumerable scars on my body… and what do they have to say about it? “You are fortunate that you’ve passed your thirtieth birthday. It gets easier now.” I really don’t know what they are talking about because I have been hospitalized more than twice since my thirtieth birthday.

I was also in rehabilitation – not the best institution in the country but certainly one of the better ones. I was there for two years, and the best part was that I made a few good friends.

The only people within the system (psychology and psychiatry) who were of any help were those who cared about me. Their caring helped. I can’t see much connection between caring and psychology. The majority of psychologists who I have met usually say, “And how do you feel?” “What do you think about that?” “We are sorry that you feel this way” Is that what we need psychologists for? Moreover, the “treatment” can cost up to IS 600 per hour.

After the first meeting with Eliezer Spetter I already felt some relief, and even more so – hope. Hope that I had lost so long ago.

After a few more meetings, not only did I feel like a different person, I also saw and understood myself and the world differently.

I am a different person. I am healthy.

The choice is in one’s hands. Please choose life and contact Eliezer.

Thank you Eliezer.

Psychotic Post Natal Depression

Dear Eliezer,
Thank you so much for all of your help and for the tools that you gave me to deal with the difficulties that I had encountered.
Here are a few details about my past:
I have been married for five years and we have four children: twin boys aged four, a year-old son, and a daughter who is four months old.
After the birth of the twins (who were born through caesarian section) I began to get very confused, I was unable to fall asleep – often due to unpleasant and disturbing dreams, I developed a fear of anything around me, including people, objects, decorations on clothes, etc.  I cried a lot, I was sad, I had sudden mood swings, childhood memories affected my moods and I was concerned regarding my functioning as a mother.
The same thing happened after the second birth (which was a normal delivery). This time it was worse, and I had to go to a psychiatrist who treated me with medication until the condition was resolved.
I naturally did not want this to happen after the third birth, and I was naturally rather anxious.  A good friend told me about Eliezer, and I contacted him.
At first I was hesitant about exposing personal details, but after realizing that I did not have to tell any more than I wanted, I became more and more comfortable during the meetings.
I started meeting with Eliezer during the fourth month of my pregnancy.  I wanted to feel more comfortable regarding the pregnancy itself, and after a number of meetings I felt quite different.  My anxieties disappeared, the whole pregnancy was more pleasant and I was confident that I would experience a positive labour. The birth was indeed peaceful and I felt fine.
A few days after the birth, the dreams started to recur, and I recontacted Eliezer.  After two meetings the dreams stopped – with no medical intervention.
Now that I am familiar with the system, I am able to treat myself in any situation when I feel that I am getting nervous or upset.
I feel that Eliezer’s treatment has an influential effect on the source of physical and emotional problems that are within our bodies.

Treatment of a Psychotic Client

You arrived with a patient who was psychotic, that’s my understanding. Perhaps you could say a few words about that? What happened with him, how did things develop?
The patient came to me in a state of total distraction, which caused him much hardship. Thank Heaven, G-d sent me a messenger, who told me that there is a person, Eliezer Spetter, who can do wonders in just a few treatment sessions. By nature I am unimpressed with these sorts of things – it’s a known fact that it is said about many people that they have amazing abilities, when in actuality, it isn’t true. However, since the person who gave the recommendation is highly authoritative and reliable, and he told me that Eliezer is a person with much heavenly guidance in helping persons in need, I reached him, and, thank G-d, was extremely favorably impressed. I was convinced that in a few sessions Eliezer succeeds in setting a person upon the right path.
Before the treatment session, the patient suffered from a number of traumas, which caused him difficulties – these all disappeared entirely. This wasn’t a trauma or two, but a whole collection of traumas that greatly hindered the patient’s normal functioning. Thank G-d, Eliezer peeled the layers off of the onion, layer by layer, until reaching splendid results!
The patient’s life changed dramatically. Every worry and fear was corrected. Each disturbance that he suffered from was eliminated, and he returned to living a normal life with more strength and might. The patient began to exhibit initiative that he had never expressed before these treatment sessions. These sessions revealed additional things, new-found capabilities, and courage to speak and express heartfelt thoughts and feelings, that had never been heard. After these treatments great improvement was seen, thank G-d.

Help in Overcoming Schizophrenia

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression, and was given medications accordingly.
I contacted Eliezer Spetter by recommendation from the chassidic rabbi Rabbi Shmuel Munk, after my hospitalization in the psychiatric ward, which did not help me at all. Of course I take pills, but after three months of noticing that the pills alone were not helping me, I turned to Rabbi Shmuel Munk, and he recommended that I travel to Jerusalem to Eliezer Spetter.
Five months have passed since then, and I feel much better, thank G-d.
When I arrived for the first session, I was in bad shape, confused, dysfunctional, helpless, and very perplexed.
Through Eliezer Spetter’s guidance, using methods that he explained how to use, I returned, step-by-step, to almost full functioning, both at home and in public.
Eliezer Spetter is a wise and sensitive person, and, most important, he wants to provide help to anyone to overcome difficult emotional states. Thank G-d he helped me with his special methods, and through understanding, without stress.
Many, many thanks for all the patience and help.

Depersonalization and Derealization

I am twenty-one years of age. I first came to Eliezer two months ago in a complicated emotional state that included depersonalization and realization – feelings of disconnection and severe helplessness.

After reading about these conditions on psychological and psychiatric sites of the internet, I understood that mine was a serious condition and nothing could help me.

After much desperate searching, I decided to try this technique – TAT.

I met with Eliezer and after the first meeting, I felt an enormous release, and thus we continued until all the symptoms disappeared – all through Eliezer, his understanding, his sensitivity, and his amazingly strong will to heal me completely.

After two months of treatment, I am a new person, strong and with the tools to deal with any problem that I may come up against.

Eliezer, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedicated treatment.

With love and much appreciation.

Post-Partum Depression and Psychosis

After previously suffering from post partum depression, I naturally wanted to prevent its return. I wanted to experience a normal childbirth and post partum period.

When I began TAT and sessions with you, I did not want to live anymore. I lay in bed throughout the day and started to smoke again. My life was simply a disaster and bringing children into the world normally was a problem for me.

We worked hard with TAT and I slowly I sensed improvement. Then, after a number of sessions, I had a relapse, because I started to think about something terrible that a rabbi had once told me. You helped me to express this terrible edict from the rabbi; he had said that in my situation it was impossible to have more children because each time I gave birth I would be psychotic.

Therefore, Eliezer, you began work with me on this, and from then on my progress and healing knew no bounds. I had kept this so long within me and had suffered from it; I did not know what my purpose in this life was and nothing interested me any more. It all turned around in one moment. Yet this healing was not yet enough for us since even though the depression had left me, how did I know that the psychosis that repeatedly attacked me was healed. You continued to work on my psychosis with TAT from a different angle each time until finally the bad memories of the psychosis dissipated. If I started to think about the psychosis, only very happy and joyful memories of my children visiting me in the hospital came up and I could not think about the problem any more. It simply healed.

Now today I feel strong, I am happier and more alive. I have more energy and I have stopped smoking. I really want to live and do not stay in bed anymore. My relationship with my mother also improved since her criticism does not bother me any more. The same goes for my husband.

Thank you so much Eliezer for restoring my life.

My daughter suffered from epilepsy

A few months later I found myself with a new challenge: I have a 17 year old daughter who was born with slight CP (cerebral palsy), but as a result she suffers from epilepsy. For many years the epilepsy was under control thanks to medication. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, she began to have multiple seizures – sometimes eight a day! Nothing we did (together with her neurologist) helped; we tried to change the doses of her medicine, to change the drug … but to no avail.

This went on for two months and then I decided that we should treat her with TAT. After the first meeting some of the seizures decreased. After two meetings the seizures began to be less severe, and after the third meeting they all but disappeared!!!

Absolutely unbelievable.

And what’s more, the MRI was normal.

Thank you Hashem and thank you Eliezer.