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We continue as usual in spite of the corona virus. Everyone can receive therapy from us also through telephone, whatsApp, Zoom and Skype.And...... we help you also to release from the fears of the corona virus.

What is TAT?

TAT is a self-help technique which allows the true you to flourish and grow. TAT is used to release inhibitions and worries, traumatic stress, inhibiting mental perceptions, and to rid yourself of negative allergies. TAT is so powerful that it sometimes feels like a miracle. Providing you with a clean slate to build your life. TAT can help you can find inner peace, positive outlook, freedom, power and self confidence.

The treatments we offer

in the TAT community have a lot of experience in healing trauma and putting an end to the negative influences in our lives.

Lighten the relationship and family. Fill your home safely home, love and joy by respect, satisfaction, listening and faith.

Open up slowly and recognize your inner self. And then blossom and illuminate your world – in the light you have!

Leading people from darkness to light!

To go through with them a process of growth and sunrise!

What do you get?

Dedicated and professional care

Our experienced team of therapists will meet you and treat you with love, sensitivity and understanding.

Customized treatment

Care that suits your needs and desires! Without having to reveal difficult and personal things. The treatment is conducted at a pace and on conditions that are especially suited for you!

Tap in to your true ability to flourish

Our treatment helps a specific problem, but will affect all areas of life! After treatment you will feel a significant improvement in all aspects of your life ...

NEW TAT Workshops OPEN!

TAT Certification  Program in ZOOM

for women:

A new TAT Workshops   will open in Jerusalem Date: 

3-2-2021 כא שבט from 9.00 to 17.30


for men:

A new TAT Workshops  will open in Jerusalem Date: 

י’ חשוון from 9.00 to 17.00


"TAT is an elegant treatment in that it is simple yet very powerful. My clients have used it successfully for a range of difficulties including trauma, problem emotional states, and limiting/faulty beliefs. I consider TAT an indispensable tool for mind-body healing."
Helen Tuggy
PhD., Clinical Psychologist

Why ®TAT?

High success rates

Treatment results are for good!

Effective treatment in short time

Recommendations from the best doctors and psychologists

Want to start a change in your life?


It depends upon the problems- between 1 and 30 meetings of 50 minutes each session. 

No; done is done. Sometimes a new aspect can come up that we have not worked on. 

No, it is very healthy. You gain strength with it.

Like a conversation, during which you learn the technique yourself using your own life problems

No. One small detail is enough!

No, by talking alone the negative feelings do not disappear, they only disappear by the energies you use on it!

I work with men, women, and children. 

First of all, I help you to stop your learning traumas.Then I will give you new learning skills and techniques. 

By holding certain spots on your body and sometimes tapping on them

You do not need to talk about them. We can work on them anyhow.

When you come to me, you get two things:
1) your traumas and fears are healed 
2) you go home with a self-help technique you can use the rest of your life. (This self-help technique can be used on almost anything, any problem, because it will not harm or hurt)

Sometimes we group several traumas together so we can work on much at the same time. 

Sometimes the person does not want to tell me what the trauma was about and still we can work on it. 

Sometimes a person cannot express himself and still we can work on it. We can work on every problem or trauma you have (incl udi ng improving midot, davening and learning.

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