Pains and aches

Pains and aches

Healing of physical pain

I am an older woman, seventy years of age. I came to Chava because of pain in my right arm which affected my daily functioning, and after conventional treatments did not help.

Through TAT I was able to release emotional stress that I had throughout my life. Subsequently, the pain disappeared. I was also release from feelings of guilt and had more self confidence and the ability to stand up for myself.

During the treatments, a forgotten matter with one of my children came up, which caused me to cry. I was released from some kind of pain that I felt regarding this son. I later found out that a medical problem that he suffered from subsided almost completely without any logical reason. As Chavah has said, the treatment has positive effects on the whole family.

Back Pain, Hand Pain, and physical en metal abuse

“I suffered terribly from strong back pain and hand pain; about the hand pain I was told that there wasn’t a chance that the hand would recoverand the hand barely functioned. In an X-ray, slipped discs were found and other problems showed up in a CAT scan.

During treatments with Eliezer Spetter using EFT and T.A.T., the pain disappeared almost entirely, and the hand resumed functioning. It appears that there is a powerful connection between a person’s physical feeling and his emotional state.

I came for treatment because of a personal trauma that I recently had undergone; the trauma was very difficult, and on this point, too, I received vast help from the unique treatments of Eliezer Spetter . My childhood trauma was being unloved by my mother; after that I was sexually exploited from age 7 until 12 , not rape, but physical en metal abuse, and the treatments also freed me from this trauma.

Recently I underwent a family trauma concerning my husband, a very difficult situation of domestic discord not found normally in a family. It is truly an exceptional problem that I can’t discuss, and anyone hearing about it would think it was imaginary, not real. Eliezer’s treatment helped me get back on my feet when I was feeling helpless and afraid. I had been in a terrible state, barely functioning.

Today I am functioning, as is my hand, which the doctors had given up on. I hope that through another few treatments my hand will resume full function. I warmly recommend these treatment methods to anyone interested.”


“Hello, this is Gad. For a long time I suffered from headaches and I tried all kinds of treatments, but nothing helped. But with this method of EFT the headaches are totally gone. Now and then, when I have some kind of pain, I use the technique on my own and it really helps. Thank you very much.”


“This T.A.T. technique is very good; it’s a method that helps a person to control and deal with his difficult emotions. This technique has helped me become calmer, happier.
In this technique, you don’t feel the direct connection to the treatment, everything just becomes better and more pleasant. Using this technique, I was able to overcome pains in my hand from a bad accidentand the use of my hand is much better and freer. In general, my attitude is better. Through this technique, you learn how to handle various problems, how to solve problems and not let them sink in, and how to have a more pleasant and better life.”

Pain, interpersonal relationship

I came some time ago not knowing logically what this method was, and realizing that the usual technical techniques were not going to be enough, for I had tried many before for many years, and still there were many relationships issues as well as psychical elements.

I was willing to try something that was really unknown to me and the process and benefits were unknown to me.

So I was open, which does help, and still wanted to know logically what this process was all about, so some time was spent on my trying to grasp what the technique was. The best part is doing the TAT and I’ve started the EFT on the body symptoms, and seeing that I had some break for the first time in probably twenty years, and that it not only was something temporary, which often happens with new techniques, but that there seems to be deepening of the process. It held even when the same triggers occurred again or there were similar stressful events, that normally would precipitate a systemic reaction. Once the body symptoms started to drop off, I could start to address circumstances, the history in the background, to what seemed to be big triggers from way backand current ones. Sometimes we went from the past and sometimes it was from the present, sometimes it was mixed, and I made a commitment to myself that this would be part of my weekly regiment until I started to feel growing patience and excessive peace.Just getting a taste of the peace, even if it’s for a few minutes, is encouraging and encouraged me to stay with it even though there were often times that I wanted to stop the process orcouldn’t understand how it could benefit the relationship issues.Then I saw the miracles that so many issues changed without my having to tell the other person to get help, even knowing what I did differently in terms of the interaction with family members, to bring out a different response on their part, and I couldn’t really put on paper what actually occured, I just saw and experienced changes that I never thought could happen. The process is continuing and it’s deepening, and I feel like a new integrity and a new dignity is within reach- not just for a few minutes, a week, or a few minutes a day. .It could actually be that I could live life, a quality life, if there is a god, spirit, something that is pushing us to connect with him, and to live in this world, in a positive and happy way, and he’s channeled it somehow, through certain people, and it’s spreading and it’s radiating throughout the worldand touching people of all backgrounds, of all countries and languages, economic and socio-economic backgrounds, and one doesn’t know who is working on themselves in such a way. So, step by step, I feel like I’m taking my place again in the world in a new way , and I have a new optimism about the life that I can actually have and the service that I can provide the world.So I can only suggest to people to go beyond your mind and be open enough to let the heart once again start beating, to learn how to live by your heart and by your truth, to connect that very long distance between the mind and the heart, so that we’re fully aligned and flowing in this beautiful world.

-You came to me full of pains, and, remember, we worked on a lot of bodily pains and issues like family issues, the relationship with your husband was terrible and relationship with your children was not o.k. So we worked on all these things, relations with your parents who were not in this country, but in another country,and you suffered from that, and it was expressed in the pains that you felt in your body, and couldn’t get hold of. Till it broke through, and now there remains just a small percentage of the pains, so you can find yourself without pains for the rest of your life and what you say your deepened your relations with Shalom Bait and everything surrounding you in your house and your family relationships .

Headache and severe back pains

We would like to thank you for your dedication in the treatment of our 19-year-old son.

He came to you six months ago for treatment of severe back pains and headache and mental difficulties that he had suffered from for the previous two years.

After four months of hard work – by both of you – you were able to end the treatment with him in good physical and mental health.

We feel that our son has been returned to us as he was in the past, and hope that the tools that he has acquired will help him if he needs them in the future.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We wish you only success and G-d’s help in healing others.


I am twenty-one years of age, recently discharged from the army.

I came to Eleazar with acute asthma, completely dependent on inhalers, inhalants and other medications to open the respiratory organs.

After receiving instructions and walking me through TAT, I felt immediate relief and a widening of the respiratory organs.

My allergic reactions to dust and physical activity have diminished significantly.

Eleazar, thank you so much for your professionalism and your determination.

You Saved me from Surgery on my Hands

The nights were insufferable. My hands would go numb and I would wake shouting, “I can’t feel my hands”. I would bang on the walls trying to feel them. During the days, I was unable to cut vegetables, to clean the silver and clean the house. I was simply unable to use my hands for anything.

I consulted with a doctor and underwent a CT. The results showed some kind of blockage in my wrists that caused my hands to go numb. I would have to have surgery.

I was extremely nervous and very scared of the operation, and then I heard about Eleazar Spetter and his treatment with TAT. We began the treatment, I laughed,  yet I was eager to know whether the treatment had helped or not.

That night I did not wake up. My hands were perfectly fine! When I woke in the morning I asked my husband, “What happened? Why didn’t I wake up with numb hands?” My husband replied, “You’re right, you didn’t wake up. The night was very quiet.”

I started to prepare a salad, another and another. I cleaned the house and, of course, the silverware.


Thank you a thousand times over.