Pregnancy ,Childbirth, Circumcision


I underwent an abortion which resulted in a guilty conscience

Dear Eliezer,

I want to thank you for the wonderful and liberating process.

A month and a half ago I underwent an abortion which resulted in a guilty conscience, anger and anxiety, fear of punishment and enormous frustration. I suffered from severe anxiety attacks and thought I was going crazy. Worst of all I had suicidal thoughts and loss all taste for life.

I want to point out that from the moment I entered your home I felt a sense of peace, and as treatment progressed, the guilt feelings became compassion and self-forgiveness.

After four treatments, I feel great (I even find it amusing when I realize the root of the panic attacks) I came to a place of self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and the release of past mistakes.

Thank you very much for your part in my journey.




Extremely scared of the birth, fears that seemed so real and tangible…

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the emissary who helped me.

I came to you in the ninth month of my pregnancy, extremely scared of the birth, fears that seemed so real and tangible… all this due to a trauma experienced some years previously when my baby died of crib death.

Chava, with her knowhow of TAT and her special calm, helped me in treatments before the birth and even during the birth process. Thank God, the birth was easy and calm – and was the easiest that I have experienced until now.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



I then had four miscarriages and since then have been unable to get pregnant

Dear Eliezer,

Two years after my wedding, I gave birth naturally.

I then had four miscarriages and since then have been unable to get pregnant.

Everything is fine physically, yet I suffered from fears and traumas connected to hospitals since my mother was ill for four years, and the back and forth to and from the hospital and the difficulty in seeing people like her in their suffering caused the fear that this could happen to me as well.

It is impossible to know why people are “stuck”…

Six years passed since the last miscarriage, yet Rav Kanievsky שליט”א suggested that I not have fertility treatments.

Thank G-d, I found TAT and was treated over a few months. Lo and behold, thank G-d I had a spontaneous pregnancy.

Moreover, most important of all, I live my life happily without fears…


TAT and the birth of my 5th child

Happily, we had a baby boy on Tuesday 9 Tevet, at 7:03 a.m.The contractions began in the night, approximately at 11:00. They were light contractions, every 15-20 minutes. I thought that this would stop at some point, and I prepared for sleep, knowing that I needed to pay attention to the clock. I awoke intermittently, and noticed that I was wakening, breathing, and returning to sleep.

I looked at the clock and saw that the contractions were arriving every few minutes (four, five or seven minutes apart).Around 5:00 a.m. we left for Yerushalayim, and arrived before 6:00.The birth progressed rapidly. I breathed deep breaths. I didn’t suffer during the contractions.

Only with the last contractions, which were at the point of eight centimeters dilation, when I had no chance to rest, did I feel pain, but this lasted for only several minutes. I got to the hospital, and after two pushes, the baby was out.Meanwhile, the midwives discovered that I was in active labor after two Cesarean births, and became anxious.

However, I remained totally calm, and didn’t understand what all the full was all about. Because I was bleeding heavily, I was taken to the operating room for revision (cleaning of uterus in order to check that there is no endometrial tearing). During this, they had me sign an agreement for surgery, emphasizing that if G-d forbid there is tearing, the uterus would need immediate removal. I remember telling them that all is well, and that the uterus is intact.

I was in a state of internal peace that didn’t let me be pressured from without. (Afterwards, I remembered that after my other births I had bled copiously, so it was normal for me and not a result of the surgeries. Another thing that calmed the doctors was my high hemoglobin level).

It was plain and clear to me that I would have a regular birth and not a C-section. The labor passed by so quickly (there wasn’t even time for an epidural) and so easily, that I had a hard time believing that I had already given birth.

This is the first birth out of five that I have undergone, where I was calm. Even the stress of those around me didn’t affect me, and they were very stressed!I had a normal birth after two Cesarean births.I arrived physically and psychologically prepared for a regular birth.

I didn’t countenance the possibility of an addition Cesarean surgery, even though it is usual after two Cesareans to give birth only through surgery.Concerning an epidural – there is nothing to say. Everything happened so swiftly that it was unnecessary, and I even forgot about the possibility of an epidural.I think that this birth was so quick and easy because of the work I did with TAT and that gave me the feeling of preparedness, the knowledge of what I should do, and the calm that I felt.It all happened so quickly that I couldn’t believe that I was already “after”.I thank G-d that He heard my prayers for a regular birth with the help of TAT, easy and swift, and that He sent me the right emissaries at the right time, who helped me prepare myself for this birth.


TAT and pregnancy and personality change

I wanted to express briefly and concisely a small bit of the emotions I feel. Your aid, dedication, self-sacrifice and above all your professionalism and sincerity were of tremendous benefit to me. My husband, who has a very calm nature as is- and everyone who knows him is amazed how calm and moderate he is-expressed an interest in learning your method himself in order to use it and aid himself, too. A number of times he has expressed an interest in meeting you in order to learn.

We were especially amazed how the method helped me to survive one of the difficult periods that I’ve had- after I’d already given up any hope that someone could aid me- and that’s pregnancy. I have suffered tremendously during every pregnancy, especially during the first months, from extreme nausea and vomiting. We tried all the medicines and various suggestions and had almost despaired of finding some kind of solution. Thank G-d that I heard of your method and thought it might be able to help me since body and soul are tied together. When the soul is calm- something that is quite rare today- then it has the strength to deal with physical problems.

Truthfully, today when I read in the newspapers about all the common conflicts and the many different and often unusual kinds of problems that exist in each one of us, such as tension and anxieties and all the other problems of the time, I feel that the problems aren’t mine anymore.

In the first meetings, I didn’t feel any dramatic changes. However, after the next meetings, I felt very perceptible changes in my life at least in one area( things that I thought were part of my personality and could not change such as a lack of self-confidence, etc. These are things that everyone looks at as inborn traits.

I must emphasize that in society I am thought of as smooth, accepted and sought-after. This is in an intellectual and logical society that doesn’t tend to believe in all kinds of methods that appear all the time. But, after thought and investigation, I reached the conclusion that your method combined with your special professionalism and the way you teach and implement the method (from my experience, not everyone is able to implement the method effectively) will be able to aid me- with G-d’s help, of course.

I will end with the blessing that may you merit to a new year full of blessing and success in every area and all your requests will be filled to the best.


Pregnancy and relaxed and swift birth of my last baby

In my fifth pregnancy, I came to Eliezer Spetter with the intention of alleviating difficulty in the process of birth. I thought this would be a technique that I could use myself during the birth.

I arrived at the session and we worked in a very pleasant and relaxed manner on my other births, etc. I left the treatment session feeling very calm, as if I had released a heavy weight that I had been carrying on my back without being aware of it. (The reason that I came was to work on the birth itself, but actually I discovered that I was in somewhat of a state of anxiety about what was going to take place).

In my other births, the contractions weren’t so difficult due to the epidural, but during the transition stage the contractions were horrible and the epidural didn’t help (even when they increased it), like a Heavenly decree.

In each birth, it took around half an hour or more at the end of long and painful contractions.

On April 24th I arrived calm and received an epidural, dozed and awoke.

During the transition stage after 10 minutes the infant was out.

Actually it was like a 10 minute labor. All day I felt that I couldn’t believe that I had already given birth. I didn’t feel at all as if I had been through labor; it was like a miracle. Again and again I said that I just couldn’t believe that I had given birth like this. I felt strong and relaxed.

Thank you!


In the advanced stage of pregnancy

I was in the advanced stage of pregnancy when he asked me what I wanted to work on in connection with birth giving. I didn’t have to think much as I was afraid of the after birth pangs awaiting me as I had suffered through unpleasant nursing sessions the first days after birth with my previous children. As every mother of a few children knows and possibly has experienced, the contractions after birth, which are there to contract the womb back into its original shape, are far from pleasant. It is a common sight in the nursing room to see the nursing mothers grimacing over the stomach ache they experience while they nurse their babies. Some mothers as a rule take some Acamol before the nursing as they find those contractions so difficult to bear.

As I was telling the therapist the above he exclaimed: That’s an erroneous belief! But it is true, I countered, ask any mother expecially one who has gone through several births and they will tell you that it is a fact. Any doctor will explain it to you. However, my therapist kept insisting that it is an erroneous belief. It is not an absolute truth. Only HaShem is an Absolute Truth! Any truth or statistics have exceptions. The thing is that because we have heard about things we, so to speak, invite them to happen to us. The same idea as the self-fullfilling prophecies that parents are cautioned about with the upbringing of their children.

Since “mind over matter” is not just a saying but a very true reality of the human psyche, the thoughts and beliefs we have of ourselves and life make a tremendous impact on us.

In any case as we kept arguing back and forth, he suggested, let’s just work on it. And so we did.

Well, seeing is believing as they say. I can truly say that this time for the first time I didn’t suffer from after birth pangs. Did I have them? Yes I did, but I didn’t suffer from them! Let me explain what I mean. This time thanks to the TAT I did I had a totally different experience. Every time when I sat down to nurse and the nursing hormone that contracts the milk ducts and gets the milk flowing, started also contracting the stomach I felt like shouting, “hurray, the hormones work, and I will have milk and my womb shrinks nicely back into shape”.

So I did feel the sensation but it was entirely positive and not negative. Neither did I fight the sensation but almost welcomed it. Besides all of that since I saw it positively I didn’t pile on top of the pain all previous associations of pain and fear and what not, which then would have made me feel even more pain than the actual sensation of the contracting muscle.

It is really very much the idea of the Swiss method of birthing where they teach the mothers-to-be to interpret the sensation of the stomach contractions not as pain from which we try to flee but rather a sensation we welcome and work along with.

That real life example showed me very clearly that it is all in the mind. We make life so hard for us because of all these erroneous beliefs. This concept is known nowadays in the conventional medicine too, as they call it psychosomatic illnesses. Illnesses that seem imagined but where the patient has an actual physical pain eventhough everything is physically alright. It is triggered by his mind. Besides that conventional medicine admits that certain deceases are causes partly or mainly from stresses or fears etc. i.e. that inbalances of the emotions and thoughts of man can have a direct influence on his physical wellbeing, what with high bloodpressure, heart deceases, cancer.


Hard time finding a husband

To Dear Chava,

Today, Thank G-d, I am a married woman, expecting a baby. When we first met two years ago this was something that I couldn’t even dream about.

Thank you and Eliezer for your devoted treatment, for my progress, for your devotion and your desire for my success.

When we first met, I was in my late thirties. I was having a hard time finding a husband. Everyone else was married, and I was left alone.

I was full of feelings of guilt and frustration, and had reached a point where I did not believe that I could change things.

Thank G-d, I was fortunate to find my soul mate, but after some time it became clear that I was unable to get pregnant. I underwent many difficult treatments.

At one point, I again approached Chava and together we worked on more unsolved matters… I was soon expecting a baby.

I would like to add that the pleasant feelings that came across during the TAT treatments enabled me to open up and talk truthfully about the most unpleasant things that had happened to me, about what I really felt.

Thank G-d, people now consider me a walking miracle – they did not believe that I would ever marry…

Happy Pesach


Emotional preparation for birth joy

When I was past my due date by almost two weeks, the doctor told me that he would have to induce labor the next day.

I didn’t like the idea because I believe in the natural way to give birth and not through chemical intervention.

I went to Chavah Spetter for a TAT treatment immediately after my visit with the doctor. I had just one session with Chavah, during which it came up that I was hold back giving birth, that I really had not wanted this pregnancy. Throughout all these months, I had felt that I couldn’t love this baby.

I left Chavah with joy and looking forward to seeing this new baby.

That same night my little girl was born so easily and with so much simcha – simcha that I had never encountered before with my previous babies.

Thank you Hashem and Chavah.


Dear Chavah

Anxieties for miscarriages, which just about crippled me

The truth is I am very pleased to write this letter. Right from the start, when I first came to you and saw all the letters from people you had treated, I wished that one day I would be able to write a similar letter saying I had changed and that the treatment really works.

Now, I, too, have the privilege of being one of those who can write a thank-you letter.

Chava, when I first came, I was not doing too well, I was suffering from anxieties which just about crippled me. I was nervous, and the whole family suffered, mainly my children and my husband.

After my second miscarriage (caused by stress and fear), I realized that I had to get to the root of the problem.

A good friend recommended TAT, and the truth I was very skeptical about this because I’ve been through so many treatments of all kinds, but thank to haShem my fears were proven wrong and by the second session, I started to feel better. My husband was able to travel alone (I was extremely scared when he was on the road), and gradually I saw and felt how the fear moved further and further away. Even if I have occasional “down days”, I still have tools to deal with fears (thank to haShem they grow more and more rare), and I know that if I needed anything you will always be there for me!

Thank you so very much Chavah

I hope you continue to succeed – your work is really important.


Fears for giving birth
TAT for the trauma of the brit (circumcision) and the pain afterwards.

Dear Chava,

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for your listening and patience, and for the help over and beyond. I would like to tell about my experiences with TAT.

I came for treatment to deal with fears that I had before giving birth. I was in my eighth month of pregnancy, and through the treatment I felt really comfortable towards the birth. I was not scared of anything, neither stitches, complications nor pain.

Now, postpartum, I can say that even the labor pains weren’t too bad. I gave birth without an epidural, and thank G-d, I arrived at the birth emotionally prepared and it was a happy and uplifting experience – thanks to the treatments and of course thanks to Hashem.

Additionally, after my sweet son’s brit, I did TAT on him, naturally under Chava’s instruction. The treatment is to extract the trauma that he experienced during the brit and the pain afterwards. That night, my baby was relaxed and quiet, and did not cry when urinating or when having his diaper changed.

So dearest Chavale, thank you again, both for the treatments and patience and for your concern and help after the treatments were over.

With love and blessings for much success and happiness.