Pressures & Self Confidence

Pressures & Self Confidence

I had been suffering from low self-confidence and self-image

I came to TAT because I had been suffering from low self-confidence and self-image, poor social skills, fear of success, and a need for approval from others for most of my life, all stemming from childhood trauma.

TAT has helped me reconnect with my true self by healing and removing the fears, pain, and false concepts I had about myself and my capabilities, step by step, painlessly and enjoyably. I say enjoyably because I was amazed at the changes within me after each session. Early on I had already found myself being more confident and secure at home and at work.

B”H, I am no longer plagued by self-doubts or feelings of inadequacy, and it shows in my professional and interpersonal relationships.

I can truly say that through TAT I have not just discovered a “new” me, but have rediscovered the real me — and I’m forever grateful!

Pressures & Self Confidence

I reached the conclusion that something was preventing me from succeeding.

Through a self-examination of the job interviews I had had in the past few years in my occupational and family life, I reached the conclusion that I had a problem with my self-confidence. As a result, I was overly pressured. After discussing the subject with my wife, she said that she loved

me, but I was the most stressed person she knew.’

I found out that Eliezer deals with this area, too.

The results:

I was bent over and stressed and after the first meeting, I left upright and unburdened.

After four meetings, I had a new job.

After a number of meetings, I had my blood pressure tested. The results: I hadn ‘ t had such low blood pressure in 12 years !

I am more open now- less concentrated on myself ,willing to accept criticism and capable of understanding other people more easily. I express myself ,more clearly. I have learned basic tools to help myself.

In conclusion, the turn to treatment was an investment in interpersonal skills and in health. And it has repercussions on all aspects of life.

My thanks to G-d and to Eliezer for the tool to the rectification of the serious mistakes that were made in the past.

I was insecure about the way I looked and who I was.

I began treatment with TAT because I felt stuck due to things I had experienced throughout my life: I felt that I could not open up to people and connect with them, especially so when I tried to go out with men. I also felt that I did not appreciate myself enough; I felt that although they told me that they love me, those around me did not really do so and I felt very negative about myself. I was insecure about the way I looked and who I was. I have a complex relationship, with my mother and never knew how to deal with it.

Following treatment, I felt things released within. Suddenly I believe in myself. I believe that people really like me for who I am. I decided to appreciate myself far more! I never felt this way before – I’ve always been self-critical in everything but, due to TAT, I don’t feel that way any longer: I am now far more open and connect with people. I hope that soon I’ll be able to go out on shiduchim and be’ezrat Hashem soon find a husband. My attitude towards my mother has also improved due to small tips I received during the treatment sessions.

This is an opportunity to say a huge “thank you” for everything; I do not know what I’d have done without TAT. By the way, I previously never believed in any kind of treatment, but a friend managed to convince me to try “just once”. Thank G-d I listened. My experience with TAT was very successful and has helped me tremendously.

Total humiliation to a new life and feeling a new person

I am married with three children. I came to Eliezer Spetter due to the accumulation of thoughts that made me crazy. From the beginning of the first treatment, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel: an overflowing light to a new world and liberation from the oppressive thoughts and troubles that I had suffered from the beginning of my childhood: in short, to begin my start life over again relaxed and feeling free.

From a feeling of worthlessness that came after being humiliated and called names from my childhood through adulthood, after pressure from others and zero tolerance towards me, I realized that I was worth something, someone who can act positively and not be hurt by other people’s anger; I can look people in the eye and forgive them without a trace of fear – Now I know how to respond, how to relate to other people and succeed in life.