Self Confidence


“I have undergone many changes; I have always managed somehow, but never felt as I do now; I’m much more self-confident.

We also worked on my hearing and it has improved. Now I have much more belief in my abilities. Even if I do something incorrectly, I check and fix it. I am also more confident in my work. Thank you.”

Self-confidence, Fears, Illness

-Why did you come to me?

“I came because of a lack of self-confidence that resulted from all kinds of internal fears.

-Illnesses, serious illnesses?


-How are you feeling now?

“After treatment? Thank G-d, I feel better. More relaxed from day to day, not thinking about those things”.

-Do you believe that, in your current condition you are able to find a marriage partner?

“G-d willing. I feel much more confident, for sure”.

-Are you feeling stronger?
“I view myself differently, I see myself in a different light. I can do more than I could previously”.

“Faith, you have to share faith, everyone should share, that’s fine.

Self-confidence, a difficult life, sadness and pressure

“I had many difficult things happen in my life, much strife and much sadness and much pressure, and, thank G-d, due to Eliezer and the TAT method I left all that. Today I am able to function on my own, and, happily, feel like an entirely different person.

-Concerning your mother? That was difficult, right?
“Towards my parents, the situation was the worst. Thank G-d I rid myself of all that, with much help from Heaven and from Eliezer Spetter, who really saves people with the efforts he expends. Step by step things clear up. May G-d bless Eliezer and grant him success.

I have a physical problem that has not been resolved, but the physical problem is only the result of the spiritual problem. With this method, I feel that I have received help. I came with the objective of improving myself in avodat HaShem-serving G-d.

This method has definitely helped me find a way to overcome my anger that results from my physical problem, but I think it is only on condition that we continually say that the Almighty is always with us and that He can help us. Then we actually do have Divine assistance, and you are G-d’s instrument to help us improve our attributes, to improve ourselves, and to help ourselves.
There is no doubt that this method helped me. G-d willing, we will succeed in overcoming many things and you will continue this work.

I came here suffering from lack of self-confidence, which stemmed from various childhood traumas that caused me to have a wrong self-image, and, therefore, I viewed my family incorrectly.

I demanded from them things that I wished would change in myself, and this created distance from my family, a feeling of lack of love from my parents.

This increased my need for love, my pursuit of love, and my lack of receiving love, resulting in a wide radius of very difficult feelings. I came here feeling that my whole world was falling apart and that there was no hope left in my life.

Since I began this method, things have changed dramatically. Suddenly, no problems, everything is fine, I lack nothing, and I am satisfied with my life. Now I need nothing, I just live and love. I had all kinds of imaginations that caused me to feel unconnected, because of traumas in my head and in my heart. Thank you very much.


I came to you in order to be a better person , I felt that I had become the real “me”.

Dear Eliezer

I came to you in order to be a better person. I thought that my job was the problem, and that was what caused all difficulties in my life; that due to my job I have to be the one who determines the facts, and run my life and other people’s lives as I see fit.

I thank God that I found you and that you were a faithful messenger to help me see that my behavior can be changed and has nothing to do with my job, that if I don’t heal the root of the problem, it will appear somewhere else. What happens to people is not the issue – the issue is what happens within a person because of what has happened in the past. Whatever goes on inside is because of all kinds of damaged parts of the past that did not have a chance to heal, they were not treated or processed correctly.

I left with tears in my eyes. Thank God I was able to work at my job, the same job that what so challenging, and it was there that I was able to decide not to judge or make decisions but to pay attention and listen. I succeeded in changing my views easily and without a lot of effort.

I felt that I had become the real “me” and had no need to judge others the way I had judged myself.

I thank Hashem who gave you the ability and the talent to develop this system in ways that helped release the anguish that had been with me for so many years.