Traumas from hospital and surgery

Hospital and Surgery

Traumas from Hospital and Surgery

To Dear Chava, Purim Sameach and best wishes,

We would like to express our deepest thanks for the treatment that you gave on 17th Tevet, prior to Faigie’s jaw operation.
The method and the deep, powerful and true message evoked an immediate and long lasting tranquility. Faigie was prepared for the surgery; she was calm and had complete trust in Hashem.
Thank G-d, with Heaven’s help, she is over it all – without any trauma. She says that she feels that she is able to encourage others who may have to undergo similar treatment. The session with you also helped me as a mother!
Many thanks and much success for your wonderful work in support, help and positive encouragement.

Greenhaus (Mother) & Greenhaus (Daughter)

Trauma from Hospitals as a Result of Childhood Operation

I spent my childhood in the hospital. I had to undergo difficult tests and it was very hard for me as a child to deal with the shots and the needles. I was very frightened and I lost all trust in my parents. After numerous tests, the decision was reached that I must undergo an operation. It’s impossible to forget that whole period of time. But, after the TAT treatment, it’s possible to forgive. To forgive the doctors who seemed to be so cruel at the time, to forgive my parents whom I didn’t understand and who I thought didn’t understand me and even to forgive the needles which seem friendlier now.

I got married and for a long time did not become pregnant. After Eliezer Spetter’s dedicated treatment and his professional ability to reach a person’s very soul and the amazing technique that actually erases the traumas and connects us to our Creator, Thank G-d, I received the good news and today I’m in the eighth month of my pregnancy. We are hoping very much to expand our family in happiness and release.

The treatment is recommended for everyone; it helps anything from trivial problems to serious traumas. Life after the treatment is different in so many ways. It effects the whole environment. I feel that my family life has changed since the treatment. We have a much better relationship. I understood that my parents did the best they could do for me. The treatment helps my self-security and my life is more relaxed and freer.